Black Box II- Reparations Monument

Black Box II formally known as “Reparations Monument” was built, in Dallas, TX, to honor the individuals who have used their own energy and resources to create their own version of reparations due to the lack of funding and assistance from the government. The reparations monument resides at the Sunset Art Studios which is located in a neighborhood that is developing their own form arts and culture that focus on social practice within the community. The monument is to be seen as an accessible and safe space to reflect and converse.

The Black Box Experience

black box 

The Black Box Experience (located in Los Angeles, CA)  incorporates visuals along with audio that recreates the black narrative in a large scale wooden box. By combining both visual and audio sensory,  the black box creates an experience that is similar to the subconscious mind of a minority.

Through abstract form and visuals, I create a style that is representational of injuries African Americans have suffered during and after enslavement. These injury areas include people hood/nationhood, education, health, criminal punishment, wealth and poverty. I am focusing on the injury area of reparations that interconnects with wealth and poverty. It intersects with the negative effects of systematic racism that has resulted in the division of wealth and poverty among the African American community. I produce visual interpretations of the injuries through video and sculpture juxtaposed with spoken word.

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